Founded in 1948, the "Indian Electrical Manufacturers' Association", changed its name to "Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association" in 1986, toextend the scope of its services to cover both electrical and professional electronics sectors.
The Association represents over 380 companies, covering a wide range of electrical,professional electronics and allied products encompassing raw materials, parts,components, products, systems and services.
IEEMA is recognized as the representative organisation of the Indian electrical and professional electronics industry. IEEMA is, therefore, invited to represent the industry on many councils and committees constituted by the Government.
IEEMA undertakes various activities and continues to add new dimensions to itsservices to assist the Electrical and professional Electronics Industry. Importantactivities include, amongst others:
  • Production Statistics
    IEEMA circulates Monthly Production and Export Statistics covering various segments of the industry.
  • IEEMA Directory
    A Directory of members is published periodically and is a reference book on the industry.
  • Technological Up gradation
    IEEMA holds 2 to 3 technical conferences with international participation on various specified products each year, each subject being repeated every 4 years.
  • Price Variation Clause
    Equitable Price Variation Clauses, covering a wide range of products evolved by IEEMA, after interaction with major users, have found acceptance both by purchasers and suppliers.
  • Contract Terms & Conditions
    IEEMA interacts with purchasing organizations for establishing equitable termsand conditions for supply and delivery.
  • Standardization
    IEEMA is represented on several committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards.
    In addition, IEEMA also draws up industry standards to serve specific needs of the user industries.
  • Information Dissemination
    IEEMA keeps the industry informed of procedural and policy changes made by the Government regarding matters relevant to the industry, export opportunities, tender information, technology absorption possibilities.
  • IEEMA Journal
    IEEMA publishes a monthly 'IEEMA JOURNAL' which is devoted to techno- commercial aspects of the industry and utilities. 4 monthly bulletins are circulated to members, giving details of IEEMA activities, representations, policy changes and happening in power, electronics and quality areas.
  • Export Promotion
    IEEMA sponsors high level delegations abroad and participates in exhibitions for apprising overseas buyers of the capability of the Indian Industry to supply products and equipment of internationally accepted quality and reliability as well as the Industry's capability to undertake turnkey contracts for complete projects.
  • Exhibition
    IEEMA organises International Exhibition - 'ELECRAMA' which is held once every 3 years. As the largest exhibition of its kind in Asia, this exhibition offers an opportunity to trade and industry to exhibit and view, under one roof, a wide variety of electrical, professional electronics and allied products.
    To meet changing and specific needs of its fast-expanding and developing industry, member companies having similar manufacturing interests have been organised into 'Divisions'. Each division holds separate meetings to discuss economic and technical issues and problems in the respective sectors. It also interacts with other divisions having commonality of problems.
    IEEMA Divisions have recognised the importance of market survey and demand forecast studies and arrange individual market survey studies.
    IEEMA continuously maintains bilateral contracts with overseas counterpart associa- tions. Exchange of information and literature has already been established with ZVEI of West Germany, BEAMA of the U.K.; FIEE/GIMELEC of France, NEMA of U.S.A.; JEMA of Japan & EEMAC of Canada and ANIE of Italy.