Dimensions of C.Ts and P.Ts.

Dimensions of C.Ts and P.Ts are relevant to indoor CTs and P.Ts as the dimensions of the breaker cubicle are determined to accommodate these with required/specified clearances. Enclosed are sketches 1 to 8 indicating the recommended dimensions of various types of C.Ts and P.Ts which are currently in vogue.

It must be clarified here that it is permissible to use dimensions other than those listed in the enclosed sketches, provided, the transformers have been tested as per the applicable standard and have been found to meet the specified requirements.

Individual switchgear panel manufacturers may find it necessary to make certain alterations in the mounting dimensions as also the height of the transformers from considerations of convenience. Such changes are required it be specified by the switchgear manufacturers and accepted by the manufacturers of instrument transformers

Efforts have not been made to suggest dimensions of C.Ts and P.Ts for outdoor applications, as in  case of these, there do not exist any particular limitation. Certain utilities have attempted to standardize fixing dimensions of C.Ts and P.Ts. Instrument transformer division of IEEMA does not propose to interfere with such attempts as the manufacturers of instrument transformers can comply with such standardized dimensions without much difficulty.