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With the Indian Power Sector coming along in leaps and bounds, the importance of a partner that power utilities, distribution authorities and the switchgear & electrical industry can rely on, cannot be overstated. This is where we, Silkaans Electrical Mfg.Co.Pvt.Ltd., step in. 

Beginning with a humble venture manufacturing a small range of Indoor Resin Cast Instrument Transformers almost 3 decades ago, Silkaans has gone on to earn a reputation for unrivalled quality, service and reliability, and has become a name to be reckoned in the field of power measurement and protection. 

Today the company designs and manufactures a wide range of indoor and outdoor Instrument Transformers and is recognized as a supplier of quality products by power utility and timely delivery have become our hallmarks and have been crucial in obtaining as well as retaining business. 

A highly qualified and experienced design team consisting of engineers from the premier institutions, combined with a continuing commitment to quality, has seen us successfully measure up to the toughest of challenges. 

We are also well aware of the need to stay abreast with the latest technological advancements. Hence, we invest heavily in research and development, implementing breakthrough techniques that help improve product quality, while reducing costs and turn-around-time. At Silkaans we are driven by a simple objective, to make our name synonymous with a high-quality and reliable products

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   Silkaans is looking for Regional Representation in Karnataka.
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Silkaans has successfully completed sequence testing on 4 nos. 11 kV transformers at ERDA, Vadodara.

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